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Vi tilbyr mobile hjemsøkte opplevelser og komplette midlertidige escape rom for alle typer arrangementer. Spø er Norges første Halloween hjemsøkte attraksjon, og nå er vi Norges første mobile hjemsøkte attraksjon. Gjør ditt neste arrangement til det skumleste, mest minnerike noensinne.

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Med erfaring fra diverse spøkelseshus i USA startet familien bak spø med venner en storslått Halloween-begivenhet i Norge.

What started as an experiment in a private yard with 80 guests has now had a total of over 14,000 visitors attending its past yearly events. Spøkelseshuset’s ScreamTeam was formed and offers members courses, instruction and workshops on all the elements of haunted houses, escape rooms and theater. Our goal is to provide fun and safe entertainment for both private and public events, while continuing our work offering presentations and demonstrations for schools, theater and youth organizations.