Spøkelseshuset.no Skrekk og Gru is a monumental undertaking that will include the help of over 100 volunteers, artists, actors, makeup artists, costumes, props, special effects, displays, 3rd party vendors, technicians, security  and many more elements too numerous to list. The more help, materials and funding we acquire during 2016, the more help we are able to offer to UngKreft.

Be a part of it.

You can help our mission in many ways. You can;



There are two types of donations that will help us, Funding and meterials.

In return of donations or materials valued more than 1000 NOK we would like to offer you 2 evening tickets or one afternoon family ticket (2 adult 3 children) to our premier attraction Spokelseshuset.no Skrekk og Gru. These are VIP passes that not only allow contributor red carpet entrance, but also a behind the scenes tour of our control rooms.



Fabric, props, projectors with a little lamp life left, wood, working computers (hard drive optional) flat tv or monitors. old picture frames, very old books, the list is left to the imagination. if you think you may have somthing that belongs in a haunted house, please conact us at post@hauntedhouse.no



Your generous donation will help with costs of production, construction supplies, costumes, and other costs associated with making the Halloween festival the best charity event ever for UngKreft.. We are grateful for any amount you wish to donate. 

You can make a direct deposit to our account. 15038001660. Please mark as donation and add your email so we can thank you.


Simply click on the Donate Button to make a secure donation through PayPal.  You don’t need a PayPal account to donate; credit and debit cards accepted.